E-mail notifications

There is a “plug-in” installed on our web page which will automatically send an e-mail to those on a selected list  whenever new information is published. This is just a convenience app so that, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to check the site daily to see if something new has been added.

I have been receiving reports that some are not getting the notifications. If you are not, there 3 potential reasons:

1. You are not on the list.  Solution – send an e-mail to billy@mingus.com with your e-mail address and I will  add it,

2. The e-mail is going to your spam folder.  Solution – There are numerous solutions based on which e-mail  server you are using. The easiest – find the message in your spam folder and click on”this is not spam”.    Also add sebringfalls.org to your contact list or email address book. Spam filters often use these as clues to the   likelihood of something being spam – if the sender is in your address book then the message is less likely to be  considered spam.

If you have tried steps one and two above and are still not getting it, let me know and I’ll work on number three.