March 2017 Minutes



March 13, 2017

President Jim Ayres called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.


Present: Ed Anderson, Jim Ayres, Mary Dell, Ron Edmonds, Spence Haldeman,  Sue Huggler, Larry Musch


Minutes of the February 13, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting were read and accepted as read. The February 2017 Treasurer’s report and Activities Treasurer’s report were read and accepted as read.


GARAGE SALE – President Ayres thanked residents for donations and all volunteers who worked the garage sale, concessions and bake sale. A notice is posted on the bulletiin board of volunteers. The income was over $2,000.

COMPOUND TREES – Lyons Tree Service trimmed the trees for $2,000. After discussion with the Directors it was decided to remove the oak tree which was leaning toward the residences to the north for an additional $500. Total expense was $2500.

CLEANING & WAXING CLUBHOUSE FLOORS – Ron Edmonds reported that since the floors do not  look as they normally do after the annual cleaning and waxing, he will contact Grey’s Janitorial to  correct the problem. It appears that although they were hired to clean and wax they also stripped the floor rather than simply cleaning. We will be charged for simply cleaning and waxing and not the  stripping.

TRASH CARTS – Discussion regarding the new trash carts included how many carts will be neededfor the clubhouse as well as where they are to be stored. Three carts are being considered and building a fenced area to store them. Due to the fact that they have not been delivered to theclubhouse to date, Ron Edmonds moved that this issue be tabled until the fall. Ed Anderson seconded the motion which was carried unanimously.

FENCING POOL & COMPOUND – President Ayres contacted three companies, two of which responded with bids Delaney Fence Company submitted a bid for $1130 for approximately 13 compound posts and 8 around the pool. They will also walk the perimeter of the compound and pool and re-tie the fencing around the posts. Brooker Fence submitted a bid of $1410 for the same to basically do the same thing. Ron Edmonds proposed that this be delayed until  after a decision is made regarding whether or not the hedges are removed due to the fact that when the hedges grow back they will push the fence over again. After discussion it was decided to table action at the compound and move forward with the pool fence only. Ed Anderson moved to seek a second bid from Delaney for the pool fence only at this time and then decide which company to hire. Ron Edmonds seconded the motion which was carried.

PARKING LOT SEALING – The parking lot was re-paved last summer. The follow up re-sealing was not included in the contract because the cost was an additional $1600. The contractor indicated that it should be re-sealed between 12 and 24 months after the original paving was completed. Therefore, Ed Anderson moved that we table the sealing until a later date. Ron Edmonds seconded the motion which was carried unanimously.

POOL PUMP – Jim Ayres reported that although we do have a spare pool pump, it is not efficient enough for the supply pump which supplies circulation for the pool, the heat pump and solar panel. After discussion it was determined that a secondary back-up pool pump is needed. Jim Ayres moved that this topic be tabled until further information and pricing has been obtained. Larry Musch seconded the motion which was carried unanimously.

UPDATE ON TIE-DOWN PROGRAM – Barbara Geier who originally presented the hurricane tie-down program to the board, contacted President Ayres informing him that the contractors to do the work involved will not be determined until June. Should Sebring Falls be accepted for this program, it will likely begin in November. The homes will be surveyed at that time, and residents are advised to not take any preparation steps such as removing skirting, etc. as the contractors will make the decisions regarding what is required should our subdivision be selected. Larry Musch will be the resident summer contact person regarding this matter.


Ed Anderson moved to adjourn the meeting; motion seconded by Larry Musch. Meeting adjourned at 9:52 a.m.

Respectfully submitted

Sandy Fairchild


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