December 2017 Minutes



DECEMBER 11, 2017


President Jim Ayres called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.



Present:  Jim Ayres, Mary Dell, Ron Edmonds, Spence Haldeman, Sue Huggler,

Larry Musch


Absent:  Ed Anderson



Minutes of the November 13, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting were read and accepted as read.  The November 2017 Treasurer’s Report and Activities Treasurer’s Report were read and accepted as read.



  1. A. SYSTEM – The problems with the current PA system which included the manner in which the batteries are replaced and when done incorrectly the small wiring in the hand-held microphones break and will then no longer work. President Ayres consulted

Bill Jenkins  who was asked to research a new PA system.  Bill Jenkiins  recommended  A Nady  U-41 Wireless UHF 4-channel system with 4 microphones and amplifier.  The cost is $359.99.  The Directors were asked for input.  Ron Edmonds commented that they are used for activities as well as Board meetings and that as they are needed, they should be purchased.  Sue Huggler made a motion  to purchase the PA system; Mary Dell seconded the motion which was carried unanimously.  Spence Haldeman agreed to order the system through Amazon.



Resident Dan Wooster submitted a request to the Board to speak on these topics.  He indicated that he fell coming out the exit from the hallway to the pool and suggested a ramp or railing may be needed.   Section 1009 of the Florida Building Code 2004  requirements were presented and the exit stair riser is 7 inches which is within the tread requirements. Mr. Wooster also indicated that it was dark in the hallway, and he was unaware of where the light switch was located.  The Board discussed the issue and decision was made to paint the stepdown a bright yellow, add a sign and replace the existing light switch with a lighted one.

Board of Directors Meeting

December 11, 2017

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Dan Wooster also questioned what steps are taken regarding ants around the pool.

Spence Haldeman reported that he had spread the ant powder in the pool area the previous week but also stated that although it will kill the ants,  there is no permanent solution and within a couple weeks they return.  President Ayres suggested Prescott Pest Control can be consulted but noted that the cost may outweigh the benefits and not even be that effective as this is a Florida issue that is not easily controlled.


COMPOUND GATE – President Ayres reported that although over the years the post and double gate for entering and exiting the compound  have been straightened several times when it has been hit or pushed open by hand without being unlocked,  it needs to be dealt with again.  He suggested using the existing lock and putting a chain around the gate so that a key must be used to open and close the gate in order to secure it.

Sue Huggler commented that the chain and lock method works fine for the pool and that it may work well for the compound as well.   Spence Haldeman moved that a chain be purchased and that the existing lock be used. Larry Musch seconded the motion which was carried unanimously.


POOL SECURITY – President Ayres discussed the necessity of the pool being locked, and that the last person leaving the pool area must ensure it is locked as failure to do so creates a serious liability.  Treasurer Judy Dennis explained that she instructs new residents in the proper way to lock the pool and stresses the importance of doing so.


ADJOURNMENT – President Ayres requested a motion to adjourn.  Ron Edmonds moved to adjourn the meeting, and Sue Huggler seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned at 9:35 a.m.


UPCOMING MEETINGS – Monday, January 8, 2018 – Annual Election – 9:00 a.m.


Monday, January 15, 2018 – Board of Directors – 9:00 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Sandy Fairchild




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