April 2018 Minutes

                                     SEBRING FALLS BOARD                                    


APRIL 12, 2018

Vice President Larry Musch called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.


Present:   Ed Anderson, Spence Haldeman, Sue Huggler, Don Jaquith, Pat Lawrence,   Larry Musch



Minutes of the March 12, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting were read and accepted as read.  The March 2018 Treasurer’s Report and Activities Treasurer’s Report were read and accepted as read.



AUDIT & BUDGET – Vice President Musch expressed appreciation to Bob Kelly, Bill Mingus and Dick Stettler for their preparation of the 2019 Budget and Jane Koch, Kay Johnson and Carolyn Kaymmeyer  for their participation in the audit.


INTERIM PRESIDENT – Don Jaquith has agreed to accept the duties of acting President until the upcoming election in January 2019.


RESIDENT LETTER – A letter submitted by resident Dan Wooster was read into the minutes by Larry Musch requesting that the April board meeting include questions he wished to ask regarding meeting agenda, by-laws and maintenance of clubhouse and grounds.  The letter stated the reason for the request was as a new homeowner he doesn’t understand how things are done.  Vice President Musch explained that the agenda is usually not complete until the evening prior to the meeting depending on what the issues are and is prepared for the Board of Directors. He also explained that changing the by-laws is a complicated process and asked Bill Mingus who was a former vice president to explain it in more detail.  Bill Mingus explained that the rules that he was referring to are actually in the covenants rather than the by-laws.  He explained a change requires  2/3 vote by all members whether in residence or not and votes not received are considered no votes. Mr. Wooster was then asked  what he was referring to regarding

maintenance and clubhouse.  He questioned why the clubhouse overhang and shuffleboard have not been repaired. It was explained to him that those issues are a result of the hurricane  and a contractor has been contacted but advised that it will be April or May because of his schedule. It was also explained that much of the work that is


performed in Sebring Falls is by residents not simply the directors and, in fact, the shuffleboard has been repaired by residents in the past week. Don Jaquith advised that everyone should read the by-laws and covenants and  abide by them.  He gave examples of some of the infractions and stressed that everyone needed to follow the rules.


CLUBHOUSE FLOORS – Sue Huggler reported that Gray Janitorial cleaned and waxed the floors after the garage sale.  She pointed out that the last actual contract we have had with that company was 2015 so she requested an updated contract. The    price has remained the same since we have originally contracted with them in 2004.  In  comparing  two other companies, one of which  was twice  the price and the other was between two and three hundred dollars more per year.  The Gray’s contract states either party can cancel with a 30-day notice.  Sue suggested   that she and Pat Lawrence be the contacts with them.  Sue Huggler moved that we continue the contract with Gray’s Janitorial for bi-weekly and bi-monthly cleaning.  Don Jaquith seconded the motion which was carried unanimously.


PING PONG TABLE – Don Jaquith reported that a resident has offered to donate a ping pong table for the clubhouse which folds up to be stored.  Pat Lawrence questioned   that since we already have the pool tables, a mat could be placed on top to play ping pong. Don Jaquith commented that the pool tables are used for many other things, and they are uneven. Sue Huggler noted that although it’s a kind gesture, she suggested that one should be purchased from the Activities’ Fund.  Pat Lawrence seconded the motion.

Ed Anderson commented that it’s necessary to know the cost of the table.  Larry Musch stated that information will be requested from the resident who made the offer.

MOMENT OF SILENCE – Vice President Musch requested a  moment of silence be observed in remembrance of Houston Fairchild.

Larry Musch announced his resignation as he is moving to a different community. He expressed his appreciation for all the help and friendship he has received over the years.

ADJOURNMENT – Don Jaquith moved to adjourn the meeting; Spence Haldeman seconded the motion.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 a.m.


UPCOMING MEETING – 9:00 a.m.Monday, November 12, 2018

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Fairchild – Secretary