November 2018 Minutes



NOVEMBER 12, 2018

 Director Sue Huggler  called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.


Present:  Ed Anderson,  Spence Haldeman, Sue Huggler, Don Jaquith, Pat Lawrence



Minutes of the April 12, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting were read and accepted as read.  The October  2018 Treasurer’s Report and Activities Treasurer’s Report were read and accepted as read.



 On behalf of the Board, Sue Huggler expressed appreciation for full-time residents maintaining and overseeing the property during the summer.  Spence Haldeman maintains the waterfall and compound, Jane Koch oversees the pool which includes checking chemicals, controlling water levels, maintaining records, among other duties.  Sonni Anderson provides the flowers in the pool area. Jonathan Wright has been weeding and trimming trees. Bill Jenkins, Wendall Halterman and Don Jaquith repaired the clubhouse entrance overhang.



CANVASSING – Joe Huggler, Mary Dell and Dick Stettler will be canvassing for potential nominees for the Board of Directors election to fill four (4) vacancies.


OFFICE REPAIRS AND UPDATES – The office flooring is in need of replacement.

Sue Huggler appointed Carolyn Shaner, Jean Blanton, Judy Dennis and Sandy Fairchild to shop for flooring noting that they are the primary people working in the office.


PHONEBOOK CHANGES OR CORRECTIONS – Residents are asked to notify the secretary in writing of any changes in their information which will then  be available in the bulletin.  Residents are asked to make these changes in their books.  New resident sheets will be placed in each resident’s individual mail slots to be added to their phonebooks.


EXTERIOR LIGHTING– Bill Jenkins was asked to place a new light in the golf cart parking area.  He will install a temporary light to determine what type of permanent light will work the best.


SIGN-UP SHEETS – Sue Huggler pointed out that sign-up sheets for volunteers for various tasks are in the foyer.  She encouraged residents to also take it upon themselves to do what they can when they see something is needed.


POOL AREA MAINTENANCE – Marilyn Harper has requested permission to purchase paint for the tables in  the  pool area and some plants for landscaping along the sidewalk leading to the pool.  Pat Lawrence moved to approve expenditure of $200 for  purchase of  paint and plants.     Spence Haldeman seconded the motion which was carried unanimously.


VOLUNTEERS – It was requested that residents who are willing to volunteer provide information regarding their skills and what types of projects they would be interested in.

GOLF CARTS – A letter was received from the property owner adjacent to Sebring Falls with a complaint regarding residents trespassing in  golf carts  and their concerns over liability.   Sue Huggler contacted the owner and will investigate this matter further.


FIRE HYDRANTS – In regard to the recent accident which destroyed a Sebring Falls residence,  fire hydrants for our subdivision was addressed.     Ed Anderson provided information regarding fire hydrants which   included his discussion with  Highlands County Fire Chief Mark Bayshore.  He reported that Highlands County is lacking a sufficient number of hydrants and that the equipment is outdated. In order to have hydrants installed,  we would have to apply to the City of Sebring and be annexed to the city which is a complicated process which could take months or years.  He noted that it   would be costly as it would affect property taxes and assessments among other fees.    The Chief would be willing to come to Sebring Falls and address the membership regarding this matter after the first of the year.


COMPOUND – Don Jaquith discussed the hedges at the compound and the possibility of removing them.  He addressed several other maintenance issues and suggest that if volunteers are not willing to perform these chores, we will have to hire the work done.


ADJOURNMENT – Don Jaquith moved to adjourn the meeting;  Ed Anderson seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned at  9:55 a.m.


UPCOMING MEETING – 9:00 a.m. Monday, December 10, 2018.


Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Fairchild