March 2020


With the winding down of the winter months here at Sebring Falls coming to an end we will be having a dinner for the entire community hosted by the activities committee.  This dinner will kick off the spring and summer months when many of our residents are getting ready for various summer activities.  The dinner will be on March 28th and we will have barbecue chicken, various salads, desert, ice tea, lemonade and water.  All you need to bring is your smile.

Bingo is played every Thursday at 7pm.  Please bring as close to the correct amount as possible as we don’t always have enough to change large bills.  Come early to be ready to play by 7pm.

Board Meeting is March 9th at 9am.

Bunco is played every Tuesday at 7pm.  Please join us, it’s a lot of fun and really easy to learn.

We have Coffee and Donuts every Tuesday at 8am.  Come start your day off with your Sebring Falls neighbors.

Community Yard Sale is March 6th & 7th.  We will be setting up on the March 5th.  Sign up sheet for volunteers is in the Recreation Center.  If you can help please sign up.  If you have items please let us know and we can have someone come and get them.  You can contact Ruth Ann at 608-345-0191.

Dominoes are every Thursday at 1pm.  Please come and join in the fun.

Edward Jones will be our guest speaker at 8am on March 3rd during coffee hour.  Please come and join us.

Games are every Friday at 7pm.

Golf is every Tuesday at 9am if anyone is interested.

Hand and Foot is on Monday and Fridays at 7pm please sign in by 6:45pm so that we can draw for teams and start by 7pm.

Horseshoes are played every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am.  Come and join in on the fun.

Ladies Luncheon will be on March 18th at 11:30am.  We will be going to the Red Lobster.  Please call or text Sally Glover at 954-303-8823, no later than noon on Monday March 16th, if you can attend.  If you need a ride, let Sally know when you call.

Line Dancing is every Thursday at 10am for regular classes.  A beginner class will be at 11am.

MASA will be here at 8am on March 10th as our guest speaker during coffee hour.  Please come and join us for this very informative meeting.

Next Men’s Breakfast will be March 23rd at 8am. This includes men and women.  Please bring a plate, cup, and utensils.  Tickets will be sold in advance for $4, you can’t beat this breakfast deal anywhere in Sebring.  Kathy Messier will be looking for volunteers to help her sell these tickets.  If interested in helping please contact her at 802-309-0098.

Pace Adult Day Care will be here on March 31st at 8am during coffee hour.  Please come and join us for this important information.  This is an opportunity to ask questions and get information from them about what they are and what they have to offer for our loved ones.

Pegs and Jokers is being played on Sundays at 6:30pm.

Poker is played twice a week.  On Mondays at 6:30pm and Fridays at 1pm.

There will be a Pool Party on March 23rd at 1pm.  There will be hamburger with condiments, chips, and drink.  Price for this will be $5 per person.

RSVP meet every Monday at 1pm.

Shuffleboard is being played on Wednesday at 10am.

Social Hour is every Saturday at 4pm.  If you are new this is a great place to get to know your neighbors.  Just bring your favorite beverage and a snack to share and come on down.

Traveling Tuesday on March 10th Bob & Sue Bonner will be the host at 4pm at the Pool/Rec Ctr

March 24th Gene & Judy Page will be the host at 4pm at 1607 Bermuda

Water Aerobics is every Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays at 11am.

Reminder if every resident could either put a clip or clothespin at the front of their door or porch it would be greatly appreciated if you don’t already have one.  This would make it easier so that we can distribute the newsletters and the calendars to each resident.  Also, if we are selling tickets and we happen to miss you we could leave you a note.  Thank you so much in advance.

***March 17th the facilities will be occupied.  No functions will be going on that day***

***When selling tickets, you will be informed a cut off date, that must be adhered to, so that necessary amounts of food etc. can be purchased***