November 2019 Minutes


NOVEMBER 11, 2019

President Ed Anderson  called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.


Present:  Ed Anderson, Spence Haldeman, Dawn Hassell, Don Jaquith, Jane Koch, Pat Lawrence

Absent:  Mel Sallee


The October 14, 2019 Minutes were read.  An error was noted regarding the adjournment time which was  corrected to read 10:00 a.m.  

The October 2019 Treasurer’s Report and Activities Treasurer’s Report were read.  Spence Haldeman moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report as read; motion was seconded by Dawn Hassell and carried unanimously.

The October 2019 Activities Treasurer’s Report was read.  Jane Koch moved to accept the report; Pat Lawrence seconded the motion which was carried unanimously.   


LIGHTS AT ENTRANCE – President Anderson expressed appreciation to Bill Jenkins and Bill Mingus for their work in installing new lighting at the front entrance of the clubhouse.

DIRECTOR INPUT – President Anderson offered the Directors an opportunity to speak on any subject concerning them.

POOL HEATER – Spence Haldeman reported that the pool heater had quit working.  The company was contacted, and a new compressor will be covered under the warranty.  The cost of other necessary parts will be $500 in addition  to parts not covered by warranty as well as labor.  He noted that the total cost is unknown at this time but it is a necessary expense.   

P0ND -Spence Haldeman contacted Curb-n-Scape regarding the pond which has not been working.   On first inspection the plan was to empty the pond and clean it.  The woman who inspected it is the owner and had built the pond.  The waterfall needs new hardware  as it has rusted away completely. He noted that other than replacing the pump a couple of times, there has been very little expense over the years.   Curb-n-Scape  quoted between $500 and $600  for the pond to be cleaned and some or all of it to be rebuilt.  Spence Haldeman questioned if it did  not exceed that amount, could the work proceed. If it is more than $600 it would be presented at the next Board meeting.   President Anderson advised him to make a motion.  Spence Haldeman moved that if the expense to clean and repair the pond does not exceed $600, Curb-n-Scape’s bid be accepted.  Pat Lawrence seconded; motion carried.

TREE TRIMMING -Spence Haldeman commented on lawn mowing and tree trimming.  He noted that our lawn care company actually contracts out our tree trimming.  He suggested we hire a different company for tree trimming as Prescott only trims the trees once a year, and does not do it well.  President Anderson  stated  he had questioned the tree trimmers in the past, and they simply informed him that is the way they trim the trees.  He also commented they are not trimming the  trees properly  nor taking care of the shrubs in front of the clubhouse and noted it be taken into consideration when our contract expires with them or any other company not performing satisfactorily.  President Anderson assigned Jane Koch to seek quotes for lawncare and tree trimming and thanked Spence Haldeman for his input.

REPAIR CONTACTS – Don Jaquith suggested we should have  a plumber that can be called if necessary.   Spence Haldeman suggested we prepare a list of contractors  and their phone numbers.

Judy Dennis offered to prepare a list of contractors from her records who have been hired and paid by the Association.  President Anderson responded that air conditioning, plumber and electrical contacts should be listed.

INTERNET – Pat Lawrence suggested that internet service be considered for the office as it is required for the program the Activities Director utilizes.  After discussion President Anderson commented it should come from the Activities fund rather than the general funds.  He further commented on the many contributions the Activities fund has made to the Association  and has played a big part in keeping the Association dues  from increasing.  President Anderson stated  that the Activities must request approval from the Board for any expenditure  in excess of $500.

AIR CONDITIONER – President Anderson explained that the air conditioner in the office only affects the office and no other area.  There are two thermostats near the kitchen which control the kitchen and  that section of the clubhouse.  The other thermostat at the opposite end of the clubhouse controls that area. The filters had not been changed in a long time.  A company has been consulted, and they are to provide a quote for having the filters changed every six months. It was also advised that the temperature be set according to the signs at 85 degrees when the clubhouse is not in use.

WEEDING – President Anderson requested  volunteers  to weed  the pool area.

CANVASSING COMMITTEE– President Anderson announced that Bill Mingus and Don Darringer   will be  canvassing for candidates for the Board of Directors to   fill three (3) vacancies.           

ADJOURN –   President Anderson requested a motion to adjourn the meeting. Dawn Hassell  moved to adjourn;  Jane Koch seconded the motion.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.


  • Nominations Meeting – 9:00 a.m., December 2, 2019
  • Board of Directions Meeting – 9:00 a.m., December 9, 2019

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Fairchild – Secretary