December 2019 Minutes


DECEMBER 9, 2019

President Ed Anderson  called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.


Present:  Ed Anderson, Spence Haldeman, Dawn Hassell, Don Jaquith, Jane Koch,  Pat Lawrence

Absent:  Mel Sallee


The November 11, 2019 Minutes were read. Dawn Hassell moved to accept the minutes as read; Jane Koch seconded the motion which was carried unanimously.

The November Treasurer’s report was read.  President Anderson questioned the Ridge Air Conditioning expense.  Treasurer Judy Dennis explained that was for the heat pump for the pool.  Don Jaquith questioned the CES expense.  The treasurer explained it is an electrical company where the exterior lights were purchased and is a company which is often used for electrical supplies. Spence Haldeman moved to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Pat Lawrence seconded  the motion which was carried unanimously.

The November  2019 Activities Treasurer’s Report was read.  President Anderson inquired if the data entry was the computer. The Treasurer replied that it was and that it would be $50 plus tax from now on.  Pat Lawrence moved to approve the Activities Treasurer’s  report as read.  Dawn Hassell seconded the motion which was carried unanimously.


CANDIDATES’ STATEMENTS – President Anderson apologized to the  Board of Directors nominees for failing to offer them an opportunity to speak at the November Nominations meeting.  He explained it  was simply an oversight and contacted each of  them informing them they would be given time  to make statements at the December Board of Directors meeting if they wished to do so.   Trisha Winters, Spence Haldeman, Pat Lawrence,         Bill Mingus and Dave Terry introduced themselves and made statements.  Gene Page was unable to attend due to a family emergency.

CURB-n-SCAPE (Pond) – Spence Haldeman stated he had received pre-approval for $600 for cleaning and repairs.  He received a quote for $650 from Curb-n-Scape.  President Anderson stated the work is necessary.  The pond will be cleaned, work performed on the waterfall and replacement  of all hardware with stainless steel as  it is currently rusted. The rubber appears from the surface to be okay but they will not know for certain until the stone is removed.  It appears to be in good condition considering it is 17 years old.   If it is necessary to replace the rubber, which  could possibly be more than $650.

President Anderson stated that the original motion was for a $600 expense, and stated he would accept a motion to accept the additional quote.  Jane Koch moved that the additional expense added to the initial quote for pond repair  be approved; Dawn Hassell seconded the motion which was carried unanimously.

AIR CONDITIONING – Ed Anderson received the bid from Action Cooling and Heating regarding the air conditioning after they inspected our system.  The annual cost would be $430 to change filters twice a year and inspection of all air conditioning units each time. There are 44 conditions they check.  They service several homes in Sebring Falls and   are located in the mall located in front of our entrance. The filters have not been changed in over four (4) years.  There are now arrows indicating the direction of air flow and the areas each thermostat controls. President Anderson then requested a motion  to accept the bid.  Spence Haldeman moved that we accept the quote from Action Cooling and Heating for air conditioning maintenance.  Jane Koch seconded the motion which was carried unanimously.

ACTIVITIES – Carolyn Shaner reminded the membership of the upcoming events which included gift exchange Christmas party,  Ladies’ Lunch, Christmas dinner and  New Year’s Eve dance.  Dan Wooster announced the dinner cruise is still scheduled and will be open to include guests.


LAWN CARE – Jane Koch presented three (3) quotes for lawn care. They attempted to attain six (6) quotes but were unable to do so.

Prescott: Lawn care -$415 monthly includes pruning hedge around clubhouse.  Palms – $675 per cut twice; Compound hedges – $185 per quarterly; Pest Control- $85 quarterly TOTAL:  $7,410

Freedom Lawn:  Lawn care – $450 monthly includes hedge and 5 small palms to be cut twice a year hurricane cut and hedge kept clean

TOTAL: $6024

One time – $650

Cutting Edge:  Lawn care monthly – $500 includes shrubs and trimming

$40     per tree twice a year         TOTAL:    $7,200

Following recommendation of the committee the decision was made to hire Freedom Lawn to replace  Prescott Lawn.  President Anderson requested a motion to make the change to Freedom Lawn for lawn care  and trees and Eagle Pest for interior pest control.    Dawn Hassell moved to notify Prescott that we will discontinue their  services after thirty (30) days notice which include inside and outside services and will hire Freedom Lawn for lawn care and trees  and Eagle Pest for pest control.  Motion was carried unanimously.

OPEN BOARD DISCUSSION – President Anderson requested Directors to comment on issues or concerns they may wish to discuss.

Spence Haldeman reported that there may be a sink hole on the corner at the County drain.  He stated he is unsure if it is the Association’s responsibility or the responsibility of the county.

Don Jaquith questioned if the parking lot sealing and re-striping and also the breaker panel in the clubhouse are items  included in the budget.  President Anderson responded that they are not.   Spence Haldeman commented that  the breaker panel  has been discussed in the past, and it does need to be replaced.  Don Jaquith suggested items such as these be included when the budgets  are prepared. Pat Lawrence commented on preparing the budget and explained that these types of items are included.

President Anderson commented that he will be contacting Duke Energy regarding streetlights which are not working or were not replaced after the hurricane to request they be replaced.  At this time he is aware of only two lights.

ADJOURNMENT – President Anderson requested a motion to adjourn.  Spence Haldeman moved to adjourn the meeting; Dawn Hassell seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned at 10:15 a.m.


  • 9:00 a.m. Monday, January 13, 2020 – Annual Election Meeting, Followed by Board of Directors Meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Fairchild – Secretary