October 2019 Minutes


OCTOBER 14, 2019

President Ed Anderson  called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.


Present:  Ed Anderson, Spence Haldeman, Dawn Hassell, Don Jaquith, Jane Koch, Pat Lawrence

Absent:  Mel Sallee


The July 1 through September 30,  2019 Treasurer’s Report was read and unanimously accepted as read.  


PROPERTY IN ARREARS -President Anderson opened a general discussion for the Board regarding properties with association fees in  arrears.  Regarding the property in which the former owner is deceased, the heirs were contacted and replied that they would not be paying the dues and for the Association to take whatever steps required but to not contact them again. As the Association no longer has an attorney, President Anderson was referred to and met with Attorney Brandon Craig who specializes in property laws and Florida laws regarding associations.  The fees to hire the attorney are $250 per hour which were in line with other firms in the area.  The attorney advised that the Association put a lien on the property.  The process would be to fill out a lien, then advise the owner that the lien would be filed if they do not contact the Association within a period of time which would be determined by the Board. The Board was questioned regarding a  time frame to determine when a lien should be filed in any situation such as this. The Board discussed the matter and Jane Koch moved that the Board  file a lien on properties which are 60 days in arrears and on the 61st  day the Treasurer would have the right to contact the attorney to proceed with the legal process.  Dawn Hassell seconded the motion which was carried unanimously.    President Anderson clarified that on the 61st day the treasurer would contact Attorney Brandon Craig to levy the lien for all  expenses involved.

Treasurer Judy Dennis updated details of the two properties.  She  contacted the relative of the first property and informed that person of the arrears on the property and that the relative would be responsible for them.  The treasurer was informed that since there is a large mortgage on the property which the family of the deceased was not aware of, that they would not be involved and would not be paying the Association fees  nor would they try to stop the foreclosure. The attorney was informed by the  treasurer who  provided him with all the  relevant information and documents.

Treasurer Judy Dennis also advised the Board regarding a second property which has historically been in arrears regarding their Association fees and is currently three (3) months in  arrears.     The treasurer has addressed the matter numerous times over the past months, and although the owner has  agreed to make the payments, she has failed to do so.  The Treasurer questioned the Board regarding what action she should now take. President Anderson reported that he had received information that the owner had signed documents with a company who buys houses and would be relocating; however, the house they were intending to move to was no longer available.  Subsequently the company who purchased their current house is threatening  foreclosure and  eviction.  President Anderson explained that this situation   is another reason the Association needs legal representation and the primary reason for this Board meeting being called.

POOL – President Anderson reported he had  received a complaint regarding a dog in the swimming pool.  He advised the dog’s owner that this was not allowed and that dogs were not to be inside the recreational area.  He also addressed with the owner the language he used when he was informed by those in the pool that the dog was not to be there.  The owner apologized for his action and assured it would not happen again.  President Anderson also suggested that  any situation of this nature be handled by all in a civil manner and advised  that there be no confrontation.    

OPEN DISCUSSION FOR DIRECTORS – President Anderson stated that any director wishing to discuss something not on the agenda may present it. 

Pond – Spence Haldeman reported that the pond needed to be cleaned and that more than chlorine was needed.  He questioned whether or not it could be vacuumed due to dirt on the bottom even though the pond water is clear. He suggested the pool company could be contacted but he was not sure they would be willing to clean it with their equipment considering the  amount of dirt.     Spence Haldeman  will contact Curb-n-Scape regarding  cleaning the pond.                              

Maintenance and Repairs – President Anderson advised that when anyone is aware of something that needs repairs or attention, when possible they should proceed with the project.  It is not necessary to wait for a board meeting or to contact a Director.  An example was given of replacing the exterior lights.  If there are expenses involved, the reimbursement forms are in the foyer.

Compound Drain – Jane Koch advised that there is a drain in the compound area, and anyone trimming   the hedges should avoid clogging the drain.

Cleaning Service – Pat Lawrence stated that we have a new cleaning service, and if there is anything they are failing to do, contact her and she will inform the company. They will begin cleaning weekly. To date the cleaning has been bi-weekly, and there have been no complaints.

FISHING TRIP – Ed Anderson provided information regarding a  fishing trip scheduled for Saturday, November 9.  Information will be available on the website.  The sign-up sheet will be in the foyer.


UPCOMING MEETING –  9:00 a.m. Monday, November 11, 2019

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Fairchild – Secretary