Board Meeting Minutes 2/8/2021



FEBRUARY 8, 2021

President Dave Terry called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

President Terry began the meeting with a prayer.

President Terry announced that Terry Winters had been elected Vice President and Mel Sallee was filling the opening created when Bill Mingus quit.


Present: Dave Terry, Terry Winters, Gene Page, Willie North, Dale Messier, Dawn Hassel

Absent: Mel Sallee

TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Judy Dennis read the starting and ending balances of the report. Directors were provided with copies. The report will be posted as usual. Dale Messier questioned the Missions Fund on the report. Dale Messier moved to accept the report as read and Gene Page seconded the motion. Motion carried.

ACIVITY REPORT: Activity Director Judy Terry stated that she is working on implementing some activities to begin in February and March, most of which would be outdoors. Also, the plan is to begin coffee hour next Tuesday, February 16th at 8:00 a.m. Social distancing and masks would be required.

ACTIVITY TREASURER: Activity Treasurer Donna Mingus read the report which remained the same as there were no activities in the month of January. Dale Messier questioned Donna about a list of materials on hand and what the budget was. Donna did not have that information readily available. Vickie Hovater will be the new activity treasurer as Donna Mingus is retiring. Report accepted as read by Terry Winters and seconded by Willie North. Motion carried.

OLD BUSINESS: Gene Page reported on the work being done in the compound. He stated that $1000 was paid to install a new pole and box with 2 outlets. A trencher was rented to dig around the partial perimeter of the compound for new outlets to be put in along the way. The cost should be an additional $100/ $200. Electrical boxes were opened and found to be corroded so will be replaced.

NEW BUSINESS: Dave Terry stated that there is a CD coming due in March and he is looking to put $10,000 into the contingency fund cd. Willie North asked if there was any information available on a way to accrue higher interest. Judy Dennis stated she questions the bank each year on what will give the best interest. Motion made by Willie North and seconded by Terry Winters. Motion carried.

The parking lot needs to be resealed. The same company that did the job last time will do it again with 2 coats of sealer and will restripe the lines for a cost of $1500. Motion was made to accept the bid by Terry Winters and seconded by Willie North. Motion carried.

The Eagle Pest Control company was contacted and will spray around the pool area and grounds for an additional $125. The action was put on hold until the company can be contacted about spraying around the shuffleboard courts also.

BUDGET COMMITTEE: Bill Mingus will head the committee.

AUDIT COMMITTEE Bob Kelly will head the audit committee.

WEB SITE: Bill Mingus is looking for someone to take over the website. Anyone interested should let Bill or someone on the board know.

Dan Wooster asked if someone would see about putting up a “NO OUTLET” or a “DEAD END” sign on 2 of the streets as gps directions are incorrectly1 directing people into the park.

Don Jaquith asked who is supposed to enforce the rules in the park.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: Motion made by Gene Page and seconded by Willie North. Motion carried.

UPCOMING MEETINGS: Board meeting March 8, 2021.

Respectfully submitted,

Dawn Hassel, Secretary