Board Minutes 3/8/2021



MARCH 8, 2021

President Dave Terry called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

President Terry began the meeting with a short prayer.


Present: Dave Terry, Terry Winters, Dawn Hassel, Dale Messier, Willie North, Mel Sallee

Absent: Gene Page (came in later)

SECRETARY REPORT: Secretary Dawn Hassel read the minutes of the February 8th meeting. The report was accepted as read by Mel Sallee and seconded by Dale Messier. Motion carried. Report will be posted in the clubhouse and put onto the website.

TREASURER REPORT: Treasurer Judy Dennis read the starting and ending balances of the report. Directors were provided with copies. The report was accepted as read by Terry Winters and seconded by Dawn Hassel. Motion carried. Report will be posted in clubhouse after the meeting.

ACTIVITY TREASURER REPORT: Activity Director Judy Terry read the report prepared by Donna Mingus. Board members were provided copies of the report. Report accepted as read by Mel Sallee and seconded by Dale Messier. Motion carried.

ACTIVITY REPORT: Activity director Judy Terry thanked all who came to the golf cart race. She also stated that there is a plan to have a dinner on March 27th.

OLD BUSINESS: Dave Terry reported that Eagle Pest control has said they will spray around the shuffleboard courts for an extra $50 which will make the extra cost of additional spraying a total of $175. Motion made to accept the additional cost by Dale Messier and seconded by Willie North. Motion carried.

Dave gave a special thanks to Jim and Janet Speicher and Ron Edmonds who took care of painting the benches in front of the clubhouse.

Dave thanked Bill Mingus, Bob Kelly and Earl Roser who comprised the budget committee.

Dave thanked Bob Kelly for heading the audit committee.

Judy Fay asked if the time could be changed for water aerobics. Dave stated they could set their own time.

NEW BUSINESS: Terry Winters brought before the board

article 8 of the bylaws that committee selection needs to be approved by the board members and that the budget, audit, and web site committees were chosen without input from the board. Terry stated that the positions should be nullified and be reapproved with input from the membership being asked if anyone is interested in being on a committee. A motion was made by Dale Messier and seconded by Mel Sallee to redo the committee choices. Motion carried. Dawn Hassel will post the information and put out sign-up sheets asking for volunteers. The sign-up sheets will be up March 8th and taken down March 15th.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: Made by Dave Terry and seconded by Mel Sallee. Motion carried.

UPCOMING MEETINGS: Board meeting April 12, 2021

Respectfully submitted,

Dawn Hassel, Secretary