SFPOA Board Meeting Minutes April 2021



APRIL 12, 2021

President Dave Terry called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

President Terry began the meeting with a short prayer.

Before beginning the meeting, Dave Terry gave resident Marion Rubley an opportunity to speak. Marion stated she’d been here in the park for 25 years and was very happy with things for a long time. She stated she’s concerned that cliques within the community might be causing a problem and was concerned that we run the park within the Florida guidelines as she does not want to see the state come in and take over the running of the community. She stated that the board was elected by the residents and the board represents the people. She thanked Dave for giving her a chance to speak.


Present: Dave Terry, Terry Winters. Dawn Hassel, Mel Sallee,

Dale Messier, Gene Page, Willie North

SECRETARY REPORT: Secretary Dawn Hassel read the minutes of the March 8th meeting. The motion was accepted by the board as read and posted on the board in the clubhouse and put onto the website.

TREASURER REPORT: Treasurer Judy Dennis read the starting and ending balances of the report for March. Directors were provided with copies . The report was accepted as read by Mel Sallee and seconded by Willie North. Motion carried. Report will be posted on the clubhouse board after the meeting.

ACTIVITY DIRECTOR: Activity director Judy Terry thanked all who came to her committee meeting on April 7. she thought there were many good ideas brought forth.

ACTIVITY TREASURER REPORT: Activity treasurer Vickie Hovater read the report of the activity funds for March. The report was accepted by Mel Sallee and seconded by Willie North. Motion carried.

OLD BUSINESS: Dave Terry stated that the breaker boxes in the pool area had been put on hold when they were working on the pool itself but now those boxes need to be taken care of. He stated that the pool area will be shut down to replace the box and breakers. He stated they need gfi breakers. The cost will be between $1200 and $1300. Willie North made a motion to accept the cost and to get the breaker and boxes replaced. Dale Messier seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Dave stated that in February of this year, he appointed Bill Mingus and a committee to prepare a budget for this year. The appointment had not been approved by the whole committee and Terry Winters questioned the appointment as it did not conform to the bylaws. Dale Messier made a motion to accept the budget this time and Willie North seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Dale Messier made a motion that the audit committee selection will begin in November when most of the residents come back. Mel Sallee seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Dave Terry said the shuffleboard court needs to be resurfaced as it is in bad shape. He received an estimate for resurfacing and painting of the court at a cost of $3400. Motion made to accept the estimate by Dale Messier and seconded by Willie North. Motion carried.

Willie North suggested that a $100 gift card should be presented to Jim Quirk who did much of the work on the electric in the compound. Motion made by Terry Winters and seconded by Gene Page. Motion carried.

Willie North asked for signs to be put up on Caribbean Rd. and Martinique Rd. as google is directing people into the park by mistake. He also stated that he plans to go to the engineering department of the county to see if a stoplight can be put up on 27 and Ryant Blvd. as too many accidents have occurred there. A suggestion made for him to get a petition from the doctors’ offices also which might reinforce his request.

Terry Winters brought up a request to look into implementing Internet, tv, and phone service into the park. By bundling this service the cost would be $233 a month. The cost for installation would be zero as Terry talked to the representative who gave him this deal. Motion was made by Mel Sallee and seconded by Willie North to delay this action until November when more residents return. Motion carried.

Terry Winters inquired about our present lawn care (Freedom Lawn Care) and said that Transformation Lawn Care would do all the same services for $400/month. He will look into when the present contract expires. The services will include spraying for weeds and tree cutting as needed along with grass cutting. Motion made by Gene Page and seconded by Willie North to accept Transformation Lawn Care as soon as the contract with Freedom is up. Motion carried.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: Motion made by Dave Terry and seconded by Willie North. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Dawn Hassel, Secretary