November Board Meeting



NOVMBER 8, 2021

President Dave Terry called the meeting to order at 9:00a.m.

President Terry began the meeting with a short prayer.


Present: Dave Terry, Terry Winters, Dawn Hassel, Gene Page, Dale Messier. Absent: Mel Sallee

SECRETARY REPORT Secretary Dawn Hassel read the minutes of the April 12th meeting. The minutes were accepted as read by Dale Messier and seconded by Terry Winters. Motion accepted by the board and posted on the board in the clubhouse and put onto the website.

TREASURER REPORT Treasurer Judy Dennis read the starting and ending balances of the report for October. Directors were provided with copies. Terry Winters asked a couple questions about names on the report. Report accepted as read by Dave Terry and seconded by Dale Messier. Motion carried. Report willl be posted on the clubhouse board after the meeting.

ACTIVITY REPORT Activity director Judy Terry reported that the Halloween party was a success and everyone seemed to enjoy it. She stated that a bean supper was planned for Veteran’s Day which all are invited to. She also stated that there will be a meal planned for Thanksgiving and asked people to sign up for that. Also, decorating the clubhouse inside and out for Christmas is planned and volunteers are needed. There will be coffee and donuts that morning.

ACTIVITY TREASURER REPORT Activity treasurer Vickie Hovater read the report of the activity funds for October. She also provided the information on the summer months as well. Report accepted as read by Terry Winters and seconded by Dale Messier. Motion carried.

OLD BUSINESS Dave Terry stated that the parking lot had been resealed and restriped.

Dave said the shuffleboard courts have been resurfaced and repainted.

A new pump motor was replaced in the pool.

NEW BUSINESS Dave Terry stated he had selected a committee to obbtain names of residents who may be interested in running for the board. The committee is made up of Jerry Johnson, Dick Stettler, and Dale Messier. If interested, please let one of these members know.

Dave Terry would like to appoint Jim Quirk to fill the available opening on the board by Willie North moving. The board voted to accept Jim to finish Willie’s term.

Dave said he had received a quote from Stephanie Price for a one time cleaning of the sliding door tracks and cleaning of the windows in the doors. He felt that the price was high and thought we might have volunteers who would do the job. The board decided to table the issue until next meeting. Dale Messier accepted and Gene Page seconded. Motion carried.

Dave asked that any questions or topics for the board to be considered be put into writing one week prior to the board meeting.

A suggestion box idea was brought up. A person could write an opinion, question, or comment, Sign the paper and place it in the box. The board will then check it out and address the suggestion.

Also, it was asked for clarification…activity at the clubhouse is open only to residents, not past residents.

MOTION TO ADJOURN Motion to adjourn made by Dave Terry. Accepted by Gene Page and seconded by Dawn Hassel. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Dawn Hassel, Secretary