Board Minutes December 2021



DECEMBER 13, 2021

President Dave Terry called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

President Terry began the meeting with a short prayer.


Present: Dave Terry, Terry Winters, Dawn Hassel, Dale Messier, Gene Page, Jim Quirk. Absent: Mel Sallee.

SECRETARY REPORT Secretary Dawn Hassel read the minutes of the November 8th meeting. The minutes were accepted as read by Terry Winters and seconded by Dale Messier. Motion accepted by the board and posted on the board in the clubhouse and put onto the website.

TREASURER REPORT Treasurer Judy Dennis read the starting and ending balances of the report for November. Directors were provided with copies. Report accepted as read by Dale Messier and seconded by Dawn Hassel. Motion carried. Report will be posted on the clubhouse board after the meeting.

ACTIVITY REPORT Activity Director Judy Terry thanked all who came and those who helped with the Thanksgiving Dinner. She reminded people of the upcoming Christmas Exchange, Christmas Dinner and the New Year’s Eve Party.

ACTIVITY TREASURER REPORT Activity Treasurer Vickie Hovater read the report of the activity funds for November. She provided copies to the board members. Report accepted as read by Jim Quirk and seconded by Gene Page. Motion carried.

OLD BUSINESS Dave Terry read the proposal to clean the windows and tracks on the sliding doors submitted by Stephanie (Maid in the Shade). He thought the cost was too high and suggested having volunteers take care of the cleaning. He’ll put up a sign up sheet. Board was in agreement.

Judy Dennis provided an update on the Larry Bates Estate. The bank has sold the property to investors who are in the process of renovating it for resale. She stated we will collect HOA fees for January and February but not any back dues.

Terry Winters provided quotes from two different providers for internet service into the Park. He talked about the differences from each provider, He stated there is no internet in the office nor is there an answering machine in the office and, after much discussion, a motion was made by Dale Messier and seconded by Gene Page to put the decision to a vote by the residents. Motion carried. Vote will be taken in January Mention was made as to what are the pros and cons of having this service. .

NEW BUSINESS Dave Terry informed everyone that the January 10, meeting will be the election meeting and the regular board meeting will be held January 17th 2022.

Dave Terry informed the board of the resignation of Vickie Hovater (Activity Treasurer) effective December 31, 2021.

MOTION TO ADJOURN Motion made by Dale Messier and seconded by Jim Quirk. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dawn Hassel, Secretary