Board Meeting Minutes January 2022



JANUARY 17, 2022

President Dave Terry called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

President Terry opened the meeting with a short prayer.

ROLL CALL: Present were Dave Terry, Ken Leonard, Dawn Hassel, Terry Winters, Jerry Johnson, Dale Messier and Jim Quirk.

SECRETARY REPORT: Secretary Dawn Hassel read the minutes of the December 13, 2021 meeting. Dale Messier said he had a correction which should have been read into the minutes. Dawn said the correction was made but she was reading off the old copy. Report accepted by Dale Messier and seconded by Jim Quirk. Motion carried. Minutes posted on the board in the clubhouse.

TREASURER REPORT: Treasurer Judy Dennis read the treasury report for December. Board members were provided copies. Report will be posted in clubhouse after the meeting. Report accepted as read by Dale Messier and seconded by Jim Quirk. Motion carried.

ACTIVITY DIRECTOR: Newly appointed Activity Director Judy Fay announced several diffeerent planned events for February and March. On February 12th, the will be a Valentines Day dinner and dance. Tickets will be sold soon for this. On March 19th there is a Poker run planned. More details wil be announced. There are also plans for the blindfold golf cart race sometime in March. There will be another Activity meeting on January 26th. Anyone interested can attend.

ACTIVITY TREASURER: Activity treasurer Kathy Messier read the report for December prepared by Vickie Hovater. Report accepted by Ken Leonard and seconded by Jerry Johnson. Motion carried.


NEW BUSINESS: Jerry Johnson discussed safety precautions in the park. Throughout the year there have been some thefts in the park and Jerry advised residents to lock their homes and personal belongings up. He also said persons must be 16 years old to be driving golf carts on these roads. No young children should be handling the golf carts. Another point he stressed was people speeding in the park. Too many residents could be walking and when people are going too fast, there is possibility of accidents.

Jim Quirk asked about recycling.

Jim Speicher announced that a representative from MASA will be here January 25th at the 8 o’clock coffee hour to speak on the benefits of MASA.

Dave Terry said there will have to be a special meeting set up to get a quorum on voting whether to accept wifi in the park and which company is the best one.

Jim Quirk said the shuffleboard court needs a new puck. Dale Messier made the motion to purchase and Jerry Johnson seconded. Motion carried.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: Motion to adjourn made by Dale Messier and seconded by Terry Winters. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Dawn Hassel, Secretary