RSVP Report

Sebring Falls Sewing Group (RSVP Annual Report) 

The following ladies volunteered for a total of 1810 hours in 2020.  Janet Dewey, Judy Gillett, Dawn Hassel, Sue Huggler, Jane Koch, Pat Lawrence, Donna Mingus, Louanne Roser, Val Stettler, Karen Stettler, Ruth, Sutter, Diane Wood, Faith Van Wormer and our mystery volunteer. 

We support nursing homes, assisted living, RCMA, Heartland Cat Rescue, homeless vets and others. 

We made a total of 1370 items; 10 Afghans, 26 baby bibs, 161 dog and cat items, 165 clothes protectors, 11 dining shawls, 64 dresses, 8 fidget aprons, 17 fidget pads, 2 hand grippers, 23 hats, 105 lab robes, 434 masks, 2 sleeping mats, 31 nap pad covers, 2 place mats,17 pillows, 6 crocheted flag pillows, 28 crocheted shawls, 39 shorts, 5 skirts, 8 toys, 6 waker bags, 65 wall hangings, 110 Christmas stockings, 10 Christmas ornaments, and 7 quilts,  

In addition, we donated clothing, shoes, towels, wash cloths, blankets, soap, craft supplies and Halloween decorations. 

We are still taking donations for sewing supplies (material, poly-fill, etc).  

Before you discard anything in good condition, please call Pat Lawrence (863-385-1563) to see if we can use. 

Thank you for your support.