Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Feb 2022



FEBRUARY 14, 2022

President Dave Terry called the meeting to order at 9:00 am.

President Terry began the meeting with a short prayer.


Present: Dave Terry, Ken Leonard, Dawn Hassel, Terry Winters, Dale Messier, Jerry Johnson, Jim Quirk.

SECRETARY REPORT Secretary Dawn Hassel read the minutes of the January 17th meeting. Minutes accepted as read by Dale Messier and seconded by Terry Winters. Motion carried. Minutes posted on the board in the clubhouse.

TREASURER REPORT; Treasurer Judy Dennis read the treasury report for January. Board members were provided copies of the report. Report will be posted on the board after the meeting. Report accepted as read by Ken Leonard and seconded byTerry Winters. Motion carrried.

ACTIVITY DIRECTOR: In the absence of Judy Fay, Secretary Dawn Hassel read the activity report. Judy had numerous activities coming up for February and March. She also thanked all who helped with the kitchen cleanup on January 29th. Dates and times for the upcoming events will be posted. There will be tickets passed out for those who will come to the men’s breakfast which is a free event.

ACTIVITIES TREASURER REPORT: In the absence of Kathy Messier, Judy Terry read the activity report. Report accepted as read by Jerry Johnson and seconded by Dale Messier. Motion carried.

OLD BUSINESS: Terry Winters gave new information on wifi in the park. He said he was ignoring the Comcast and Century Link proposals as minimal service and/or too expensive. He received information about using T-Mobile which would cost $50 per month with autopay and $55 per month w/o autopay. Ken Leonard showed a mailer he got that offered T-Mobile for $50 per month. Ken and Terry will pay for the trial run of 1 month themselves. If the residents approve the service, then they will implement it into the park. Jim Quirk questioned whether the service would be used enough by the summer residents when the snowbirds go home. Motion made to bring in T-Mobile made by Terry Winters and seconded by Dawn Hassel. Motion carried.

Jim Quirk asked about the rules and regulations in the park.. He asked whether we can update the by-laws to 2022 as the existing ones are 2010 which superceded the 1998 by-laws which are still around. Board members will have to meet to revise the by-laws and then present them to the residents and have a vote on them.

NEW BUSINESS; Bill and Martha Jenkins requested use of the hall for a 60th wedding anniversary party organized by their daughters for April 23rd. It would be a dinner and dance. Motion made by Dale Messier to approve the use of the hall. Seconded by Jim Quirk. Motion carried.

Judy Dennis talked about a CD that is maturing on March 16th. There is also another one that matures on April 13th and she would like to cash that one in and add to the first CD and add an additional $10,000 from the treasury to make it all into one CD. Questions were raised about when the last time the clubhouse was appraised and whether there would be enough on hand to handle any repairs or work needed. Dave Terry said upgrades would need to be fully done on the clubhouse—doors replaced, window tinting, painting, etc. Dave will get some estimates and then the board will be able to vote on priority of necessity. Judy will go ahead and combine the CDs and add the $10,000 to the CD.

Dave Terry had a list of names for the budget committee but Ken Leonard said the Board sets the budget at which time the members on the list would be able to look it over. Those members are: Kathy Messier, Sue Huggler and Tom Ackerman. Motion made to accept the committtee setting the budget and the board approving the budget by Ken Leonard and seconded by Jerry Johnson. Motion carried.

Dave Terry next brought up the names for the audit committee. They are: Jean Blanton, Ron Edmonds and Mike Frank. Motion made to approve the audit committee made by Terry Winters and seconded by Ken Leonard. Motion carried.

Dave Terry said he’d like to install solar lights in certain dark areas of the park. These lights would have sensors and motion detectors. Terry Winters said we’d have to ask the neighbors whether theyd approve placement of these lights on their property. Cost of the lights are approximately $90 and would need to be placed on 19 foot poles. We would also need to check with the county as they would be place on county land. Also, would they conform to anything in the by-laws?

Another problem was brought up about the hedges around the compound fence. The hedges are now so old and grown that the roots are growing up nd under the fence. They are very woody and many are growing through the fence. A chainsaw would need to be used now. The suggestion was made to remove all the hedges and put a fence wrap around the fence to provide privacy in the compound. Dave Terry will get a price on the fence cover. One resident complained about this possible change so the board members are going to take a look at the compound to determine a solution.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: Motion to adjourn made by Dave Terry and seconded by Jim Quirk. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted

Dawn Hassel, Secretary