Board Meeting Minutes March 2022



MARCH 14, 2022

President Dave Terry called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

President Terry began the meeting with a short prayer.

Kay Johnson requested that members say the Pledge of Allegiance before we start.


Present: Dave Terry, Ken Leonard, Dawn Hassel, Jerry Johnson, Dale Messier, Jim Quirk, and Terry Winters.

SECRETARY REPORT Secretary Dawn Hassel read the minutes of the February 14th, 2022 meeting. Minutes were accepted as read by Terry Winters and seconded by Jerry Johnson. Motion carried. Minutes posted on the board in the clubhouse.

TREASURER REPORT Treasurer Judy Dennis read the treasury report for February. Board members were provided copies of the report. Report will be posted on the clubhouse board after the meeting. Report accepted as read by Dale Messier and seconded by Jim Quirk. Motion carried.

Ken Leonard does not agree with leaving $73,000 in the Money Market account and would like to have some of it put into a cd to reduce the money market to $40,000.As of now, Judy will take $10,000 out of the checking account to add to the other monies from a closed out cd and put into the existing cd. Nothing will be taken out of the money market at this time.

ACTIVITY DIRECTOR REPORT Activity Director Judy Fay thanked all who worked on the men’s breakfast. She also announced the plans for the Poker Run planned for this Saturday and the lunch to follow. She gave a list of other activities planned for the upcoming weeks including the Farewell Dinner. There is a sign-up sheet in the lobby.

ACTIVITY TREASURER REPORT Activity Treasurer Kathy Messier gave a report on the activities for February. Board members were provided copies of her report. Report accepted as read by Jim Quirk and seconded by Dale Messier. Motion carried.

OLD BUSINESS The budget was made out by the committee and distributed to the board just prior to today’s meeting. Ken Leonard was not in agreement with how this was done and wanted to have the board research the report before accepting. Sue Huggler explained the process and Kathy Messier agreed that they made out the budget following past practices. The report was accepted by Jerry Johnson and seconded by Dale Messier. Motion carried. Dale Messier advised Ken that an open meeting could be held to establish the budget in the future.

Wifi in the park was brought up under old business and whether to continue with T-Mobile. Terry Winters listed benefits to having this function in the park and said that the cost would stay at $50 per month if paid by bill pay. After comments from residents and members of the board, a motion was made by Dawn Hassel and seconded by Ken Leonard to continue keeping T-Mobile wifi in the park. A vote was taken resulting in a tie which was broken by Dave Terry voting to accept the wifi in the park. Motion carried.

Hedges in the compound area. The board members went to check out the area after last month’s meeting and determined that it was necessary to cut them out and get rid of them as they are becoming too overgrown and will eventually destroy the fence. Dave Terry got a quote from Isaac and Sons to cut and haul away the bushes for $1500. Terry Winters got an estimate from Transformation Servics to cut, stump grind and haul away the bushes for $1250. Motion was made by Jim Quirk and seconded byJerry Johnson to accept this bid and have Transformation services take care of the compound area. Motion carried.

We will then have a fence wrap put up which will cost about $392 for the rolls of green fence wrap. The fasteners are included in this quote that Dave Terry got. Dave said the installation would be done by volunteers in the park. Motion made by Dawn Hassel and seconded by Jim Quirk to accept this fence guard. Motion carried.

Judy Fay had a concern about an accusation made that people from her committees removed some postings from doors in the park. She said she did not appreciate those kinds of accusations and just wanted to get it out in the open.

Judy also questioned the responsibility of purchasing items for the office and activities. It was agreed that the secretary will purchase needed office supplies and the activity director will take care of all other supplies including bathroom and cleaning and kitchen supplies. Motion made to separate these purchasing duties by Ken Leonard and seconded by Terry Winters. Motion carried.

Kay Johnson announced that smaller trash containers had been purchased so that trash doesn’t sit too long in the bigger containers before being disposed of. The large containers can then be used for events and large functions.

Dave Terry said that most of the interior doors in the clubhouse should really be replaced as they are in bad shape. He got a quote on the purchase of the doors and the hardware of $1719. Dave thought the exterior doors could be stripped and repainted but Terry Winters said the 5 exterior doors are in poor shape and should be completely replaced.

Dave Terry said the clubhouse interior could be repainted by volunteers at a cost of just the paint. Something to think about and decide on.

A suggestion was made to set up some type of maintenance fund into the budget for these contingencies. Motion made by Ken Leonard and seconded by Dawn Hassel to go ahead with these improvements in order of priority beginning with the interior doors. Motion carried.

Ken Leonard talked about the need for a back-up person for the treasurer position in the0 event that Judy Dennis was unable to do the job. Ken volunteered to learn the job as a back- up. Dave Terry said that Sandy Fairchild already knew the duties required and agreed to be the back-up if needed. Also, the question arose on whether the treasurer is bonded and/or does she need to be. Dave Terry said she is bonded through our insurance. Motion was made to accept Sandy Fairchild as back-up treasurer by Jim Quirk and seconded by Dale Messier. Motion carried.

Ken also questioned the guarantee on the flooring and would like to have a representative of the Gary’s Flooring company come in and check on the wear and condition of the floor after 3 years of use. Dawn Hassel will call to set up a meeting.

MOTION TO ADJOURN Motion to adjourn made by Dave Terry and seconded by Dawn Hassel. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Dawn Hassel, Secretary