Hall Rules

Please remember to turn the thermostats up and lights off when leaving the clubhouse. Yesterday the hall lights were left on.

Do not leave the front door ajar. If you need to load or unload something you’re welcome to keep it open until your are finished. Everyone has a key to the clubhouse. I encourage everyone to use their keys.

We had a small broom/dustpan set near the hall trashcan for your convenience. It is now missing. If anyone know where it is or if something happened to it please let me know. Since it is missing, there is a broom and dustpan in the tall closet in the kitchen. Please feel free to use it after your events. We all need to clean after ourselves as we are only having the janitor come in once a month to save the association some money.

We need everyone’s help in keeping our utility/facility costs down.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Mary Martinez, SFPOA President